WWE Night of Champions ’14 Predictions

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It’s that time of the month where the WWE give us the payoff of the month-long (atleast) story line feuds we’ve seen- or give us a new twist allowing it to move on. But wither way we all know that these events are important to the future direction of the show- and here I am to give you my predictions on tonight’s winners.

With Roman Reigns out injured after a surgery yesterday, im not predicting the match- but do expect Rollins to be gloating before getting interrupted by Ambrose. Yes you heard that here, im calling a return for Ambrose tonight. Now on with the match card.

Paiges keep turning

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This match doesnt fill me with huge amounts of excitement- mainly due to the fact that the build-up has been awful and the Nicki Bella is actually horrible in the ring and on the microphone. The big push to get the Bellas over as the next big Diva’s has honestly failed in the worst way as now everyone has been able to see how poor they are both in promos and matches. I’m sure the build between Paige and AJ Lee would have been much better and the match quality would be higher too, and that the reason I see WWE continuing with this feud Bella free from tonight onwards.

Paige deserves longer with the belt- as people are more behind the AJ chase than anyone else- and with the Bellas inevitably continuing their feud, the only logical move here is for Paige e to retain.


Sheamus rolls forward

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This isn’t the result I want- but im afraid its the result were going to get. The feud itself seems to have been based on Cesaro looking like he is going to steal the title (does it have enough prestige for anyone to care) and the fact that Sheamus wont allow him too. This has had the same level of quality build that the Divas match has had, and for that reason im hoping that a loss for Cesaro here leads to a higher profile main event match and feud. Based on that it seems only right that Sheamus holds onto the title here and continues his reign in the midcard, and continues to fall of the turnbuckles- anyone else noticed he has no vertical jump on that flying shoulder block?


Rusev Rallies Americas Hatred

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All the signs have pointed towards Mark Henry being the man to beat the Russian Beast, but it makes no sense atall. It would give nothing to Mark Henry atall, I mean do we really need to see or want to see him elevated higher on the card or being the first man to really beat Rusev? Whereas a win her for Rusev leaves him free of this- with a huge amount of more hatred behind his move up the card, and allows for a bigger american hero in the eyes of the WWE to potential topple him (more on this later)

Look for Henry to tap out here tonight one way or another.


Cosmic Key in Hand

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This has had potentially the second best build of the matches on the card tonight- as the heel turn for the ‘Dust Brothers’ was a really good move that gave fresh light to this feud and has provided a slightly more interesting side to both of their characters and their backstage segments. And with the Usos having faced every other team on the roster more than once and beaten them cleanly every time there seems no other move than to allow the ‘Dust Brothers’ to capture the cosmic key here tonight.



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This feud has been comedy gold with both parties having their stunt doubles do great work- especially the recent usage of Damien Mizdow. However the recent encounters between these two have also been good and really got the crowds engaged and behind their matches, and that the reason I see the WWE wanting to continue with this feud. And the only way this feud can continue is for the Miz to finally grab the gold and have Ziggler chase him.

Look for Mizdow to interfere and cause the title switch.


Orton Strikes


This feud came from nowhere- it was like a bait and switch between Jericho and Reigns to just trade opponents. Having said that the recent viciousness that has been shown by Randy Orton is sure to continue here tonight and lead to the end of the current Y2J run. We all Jericho is off soon, so using the timing to put some much-needed momentum back onto Orton is a good idea and that can surely be the only outcome here tonight.


Eat Sleep Conquer John Cena Repeat, Conquer John Cena Repeat

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Tonight may not be the exact same match as we got at SummerSlam as there is no way the WWE is willing to have John Cena ragdolled around the ring in two championship matches ever, never mind in a row. However the end result will be the same, Lesnar will leave the area with the gold around his waist as I can see no other way for the company to go that makes sense. You cant build the Beast up that well and then have Cena just show up and win, im afraid that a loss for Cena means more to the entire company. A win for Lesnar allows him and Heyman to carry the belt around until Wrestlemania having beaten the supposed best challenge, while also allowing the WWE to test out some new top-level stars against the beast all failing meaning that when Lesnar has dominated around 6guys the eventual loss of the title will give instant credibility to the winner (Reigns if all signs are to be believed)

A loss for Cena also makes him a slightly more likeable character, only slightly, but it also allows him to either take some time off or move out of the title picture until after Wrestlemania. He could even move onto  feud with Rusev, and rebuild his character and passion by representing his country in trying to hand the Russian his first loss. But Cena with the title makes no sense atall.

This has to go the way of the Beast, just to see his face when he wins and to hear Heyman tell us how they beat the poster boy of the company. I’m calling a submission win here, with Cena passing out in the hold. But however it goes well all be shouting Eat Sleep Suplex Repeat, Suplex Repeat. Followed by Eat Sleep Conquer John Cena Repeat on RAW

Thats it, I guess only time will tell now how accurate these are.





2 thoughts on “WWE Night of Champions ’14 Predictions

  1. I agree with everyone of your predictions. I would actually like to see Brock Lesnar beat Rusev. I understand Lesnar is the beast and all that, but he is still an American. I think it would be another accomplishment in Paul Heyman’s career, if he could guide Lesnar to a victory over the seemingly invincible Russian.

    • O think Lesnar and Rusev could have a pretty good match too- this wouldn’t be as bad idea. Plus a main event title match would really add credibility to Rusev. Unfortunately I’m convinced this will be Cenas redemption story, much to the cheers on no one

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