Review: Edge Of Spider-Verse #2

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sg02The premise being the series Edge of Spider-Verse is a fairly basic one, at least by comic standards. There exist a number of worlds beyond the usual base of Marvel, and in each of these worlds a different Spider-Man has come forward through similar but different reasons. Some looming threat to all Spider-Men and Women is looming and it will require the efforts of all of them to save them all. In this second issue we receive a new story, which on its surface would seem to be unable to fail, where Gwen Stacy is cast as Spider Woman. In reality the tag of Spider-Woman is not that accurate, as the character has little to do with Jessica Drew, and rather is more like a teenage version of Spider-Man, in other words a Spider-Girl.

What If … ? # 105 in 1998 asked the question of what would happen…

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