Captain Boomerang comes to Arrow

images (2)Arrow season3 has cast yet another villain for a short run in the show, which at this rate looks like it will contain all of the B-list villains that DC has to offer and i couldn’t be happier about this right now. The latest villain to be cast in the show is Captain Boomerang

Nick Tarabay (Star Trek Into Darkness, Spartacus) is set to play Digger Harkness, better known as Captain Boomerang, in several episodes of Arrow this season. He will appear in the seventh and eighth episodes when The Flash will appear in Starling City.
In the comics, Boomerang is usually a Flash villain who throws specialized boomerangs with skill. He’s also been a member of the Suicide Squad. On Arrow, he will be a former A.R.G.U.S. operative who is skilled in martial arts and espionage. He’s seeking vengeance against A.R.G.U.S.

This sounds like it could be a nice little addition to the show- and im really looking forward to Season3 already

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