Weekly Recommendation: Guardians of the Galaxy- TUW mobile game


The new week has arrived, and this week was a  tough one for me to work out what to recommend as i really had half a dozen things ive been sure would make the cut this week yet ultimately Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon gets the nod as it’s the first mobile game ive ever recommended.


Guardians of the Galaxy has quickly become one of Marvels more beloved properties thanks to a great movie that introduced a much wider audience to Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Gamora, Drax and the loveable rogue Starlord and this success continues with a great mobile game. The game follows everyone’s new favourite team of superheroes through several of the adventures of the movie along with a host of new planets, a huge array of other characters (Hulk is here!) and actually really delivers on addictive and engaging gameplay. However it needs to be said that the game isn’t free- but for the measly £1.49 everything else here can be unlocked in-game for free as there are no further payment options and this makes a really nice change for a mobile game.

The premise behind the game is simple- you assemble a team of 4characters, from a huge roster of unlockable characters, and engage in a frantic arena style battle to overcome the endless supply of baddies that are sent forth to destroy the team. However the depth of character customisation takes this game from a basic battler to a the level of being a RPG style game based in the Marvel universe. Each character you unlock has stats for the basic actions such as movement speed, attack strength, defensive ability and power- however the also have stats for defense against magic and handheld weapons, attack points for magic stats and heavy weapons statistics. Add to this the fact that all of this can be leveled up when your characters gain XP naturally or with the addition of tech and gear that can be obtained through in-game currency and you have a truly engaging character development system in a simple game premise. Each character also has an array of special attacks/skills that can be unlocked as they progress through the level system- and each progression allows you to choose one of two skills to assign, however you can switch between these in between missions meaning nothing is stuck if you feel you made the wrong choice. Add to that character interaction specials- such as Groot and Rockets special combo and you get a real depth to not only building characters but also picking a team.

ggThe look of the game is also great, as a real risk was taken in making the characters look more cartoony than comic booky, with their enlarged heads but there really is something engrossing about the look and it draws you straight into the game rather than taking away from it. The cell shading and colouring is also wonderful as are each of the worlds you come across and this helps give the game a real distinctive feel from a visual standpoint.

The in-game cutscenes- although they are presented as sliding comic book panels with text- also look great and are highly entertaining as the contain action and comedy just as you would expect from this rag-tag bunch of galactic hereoes/outlaws.

There are plenty of missions to keep you engaged too- and an ‘Arena’ zone that allows you to gain experience and credits outside fo the regular missions (this mode also contains specific characters that can’t be used anywhere else) and this helps add to the longevity of the game. For a game that ties in to the movie it could have been a real flop- however this proves that movie related properties can succeed and thrive when done correctly.

I can’t recommend you try this fun and exciting adventure enough- plus who doesn’t love Rocket Raccoon



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