DC producing a ‘Titans’ TV show


Rumour has it that DC are currently pitching the idea of a live action ‘Titans’ show on TNT, which would be spear-headed by none other than Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing himself. THe deal is said to be almost signed for at least a pilot episode to get a run.

The rumour also suggests that we see fellow Titans alumni ‘Starfire’ and ‘Raven’ as part of the team with the rest of the lineup as yet to even be rumoured. THis is bold move from DC who have previously tried to get a grayson based show onto the air only for this to fail, but im sure with the comic book adaptation boom on the small and big screen there is no better time than now.

There are some details around who could be involved from a production side with Akiva Goldsman executive producing – meaning the writer of Batman & Robin is returning to a Bat-connected project. The eclectic Goldsman has been plenty busy since, writing and/or producing films like A Beautiful Mind, I Am Legend, The Da Vinci Code, Lone Survivor and much more. On TV, Goldsman also was a writer, director and consulting producer on Fringe for much of its run. Marc Haimes (Men in Black II, The Legend of Zorro) will serve as co-executive producer. Goldsman and Haimes will write the pilot together, says the Wall Street Journal.

This is definitely an exciting move, so lets hope that it takes off.

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