Saturday Morning Cartoons: THUNDERCATS

Another Castle

The ’80s were ripe with bizarre cartoon plot lines, and somehow even Thundercats cat-like humanoid aliens were tame in comparison. Produced in Japan for American audiences, Thundercats appeared on the Saturday morning cartoon scene in 1985 until their distribution company, Lorimar-Telepictures was purchased by Warner Bros. in 1989.

The story followed a small group of the last remaining Thundercats, who were pursued by a band of mutants after evacuating their destroyed home planet of Thundera. In an attempt to save the remaining few, Thundercats’ leader and elder Jaga the Wise set course for ‘Third Earth’, volunteering his life in an effort to make a safe journey for the other survivors who were then in cryostasis. With the mutants and super villain Mumm-Ra hot on their tails upon arrival, Thundercats new leader Lion-O elects to build a fortress and pal around with the locals in their fight for survival. Yes, friends help…

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