Comic Book Picks 3rd September’14


Well Wednesday has arrived and that means that its time for new comic books- so what should you be buying this week? Well im here to let you know what I think is going to be hot to read and own.

Death of Wolverine #1DEAWOL1Official Synopsis: The beginning of the end is now here … THE DEATH OF WOLVERINE!
THREE MONTHS TO DIE, the loss of Wolverine’s healing factor–all led to this, the single most important X-Men event of the decade.
Logan has spent over a century being the best there is at what he does…but even the best fade away eventually.
Over the years, Logan has been a warrior, a hero, a renegade, a samurai, a teacher—and so much more. But now, the greatest X-Men hero will play a role he’s never played before in this special weekly event brought to you by industry superstars Charles Soule and Steve McNiven

Why its a Pick: Nothing this week is bigger than the start of this story, Marvel are saying that they will truly kill Wolverine and if that’s the case you need to be on board now! Logan has been a part of the Marvel universe and the X-Men for so long that this is a truly game changing event, and it could have repercussions in everything else Marvel publishes- so don’t miss this.

The Squidder #3


Official Synopsis: The Squidder lies broken and battered as the true enemy finally shows it’s face. Can it be killed when a world war couldn’t stop it before? New allies are found and weapons forged. Battle lines are drawn and loyalties tested as the Squidder deals with his past, his old demons and a small group of squiddly rebels who think they actually stand a chance. Also, finally, tentacles! Lots of them. Plus interesting places to put swords.

Why its a Pick: Templesmith has done a great job not only of making this book a great eye-catching title but also of presenting an interesting story so far that is fun to read. And with the book half way through were clearly on the way towards the end, and im very interested in what he presents as the final outcome with this book. You should definitely give this book a go.

Ex-Con #1


Official Synopsis: Dynamite is proud to Ex-Con, the next book in a series of creator driven comics – with The Creators Unleashed, featuring all new concepts and characters from the industry’s best and brightest! This month, we present Ex-Con, written by Duane Swierczynski (Cable, Deadpool, Judge Dredd)! 1985: L.A. con artist Cody Pomeray had a gift for looking inside a mark’s soul with just a glance. But one fateful night, he targeted the wrong man — and was sentences to the most savage prison in California. Pomeray would have been beaten to death on his first day if not for the intervention of Barnaby Creed, the most powerful crime lord in the Southland…
1989: Now Pomeray’s out on parole, robbed of his special ability and tasked with doing Creed “a little favor.” He has no idea he’s just stepped into a long con, and this time, *he’s* the mark…

Why its a Pick: Swierczynski has produced some great stories over his tenure with Marvel and has shown that he can bring new things to old characters and make them relevant again- just look at the run on Cable with Baby Hope. And that has me excited to see him take to his own book, and the story sounds like an interesting change to a crime caper- im excited to see what he can do with the book and think this could be a huge success for him.

Book of the Week:


There is no way anything was stealing the spot this week- other than this. It’s too big an event for anything else to even get a look in im afraid. Dont miss this!


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