Weekly Recommendation: Sons of Anarchy


This weeks recommendation is a television show that I have been with since the beginning, and although its now nearing its end is well worthy of everyone giving it a view. Sons of Anarchy has just finished up its sixth season and the show never slows down of fails to produce an emotional response or an exciting episode.

Sons of Anarchy is the tale of a local biker club in small town America, and how they make their money selling guns however at heart its a huge character piece that is filled with love, betrayal, brotherhood and despair. Their isn’t a single episode that underneath the veil of the violence and the moral dilemmas faced you don’t see it affecting one of the members or the club and their outlook on the future and this is what makes the show so engrossing it’s not the action scenes but the story telling and the character development.

The show focuses on a late 20’s character called Jax Teller who is the Vice President of the club, but begins to question the life choices he is making within the club and the decisions the club itself is making the direction this is forcing them to go. This dilemma has been the central thread throughout the entire show, and is sure to come to a head in the final series (no spoilers I promise) as events have taken a huge turn in the last few seasons. The story unfolds through the diary entries of Jax Teller, as you often hear and see him wiring in this and get a true feel for how he feels for all the behaviours he presents and the atrocities he has committed this insight into how tortured or unsure he is about himself and the club is a stark contrast to the violence you often see.

The development of not only Jax but the rest of the clubs characters is key to the shows allure and success, as each and every character feels well thought out, presented and as though each season is forcing the to change and re-think who they are and what there willing to do for what they believe. This means there are constantly shifting alliances within the club itself, and there is always at least one plot to undermine the rest of the club from within for personal gain or to hide a misdeed by another member. Even the supporting cast of rival biker groups or hustlers feel as though they have been properly thought out and given enough time to be meaningful and pivotal to each scene that they appear in. THis truly is the drawing point for this show.

However having said that, a show about a gun selling biker gang wouldn’t be complete without the chases and the gun-toting action scenes and Sons of Anarchy does not disappoint on this front. The inevitable chase scenes are well presented and well shot- they feel as though there moving at speed but never become difficult to follow, and always contain the right level of drama to keep you engaging but also feeling that this could actually be taking place in the setting- you’re not going to find huge petrol stations exploding here. Add to that the level of violence that is seen at times when the club choice to settle a dispute using force, and the show is definitely not afraid to stretch straight into adult material and doesn’t stray away from showing you anything that the club decides to do. Each violent action is shown, along with the reaction of each member present and this truly lets you feel how important and life changing each of these moments is.

The casting choices are superb- from Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal and Ron Pearlman to the rest of the cast everyone seems to have brought their A game in bringing these rogues to life and thanks to this the characters are easy to grasp and get attached to but have so much more to them. I dare anyone to hate Katey Sagal’s ‘Gemma Teller’ within 3 episodes of watching the show.

If you’ve ever seen the show now is the time to get on board one of the best character pieces on television, before it ends.



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