Week in Geek 24-31August 14

week in geek


This is a recap of all the great nerdy news of the previous week, just as a nice round-up before this weeks batch of great rumours and previews gets into full swing. Enjoy

Sandman movie update– This week sees JGL speak out about DC’s biggest comic book movie to date

Hawkeye in Cap3? Renner has confirmed why he didn’t help save the day in ‘Winter Soldier’ and spills the beans on his role in the next sequel

First Antman Easter Egg- and its an incredible coincidence

Weekly Recommendation– here’s what I think you should be trying out this week

Comic Book Picks– here are the biggest books of the week

Guardians of the Galaxy– some great art work that mashes the Guardians and movies- do you need more?

DareDevil tone announced– and im sure it will be less ‘Dark’ than this makes it seem

New Flash Poster– and this has more Easter Eggs than your local store in March

Best comic book covers– this is courtesy of Graphic Policy as always 🙂

How to Build Horror Icons– no literally these are Ikea styled instructions

Is the Flash in Dawn of Justice? Well now you can find out the latest casting buzz

That’s it for this week, just enjoy those Hyper links and the host of nerdy news.


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