Weekly Recommendation: Ex-Machina

recommendationThis weeks recommendation comes from the early 2000’s and the brain of Brain K.Vaughan and is one of the best comic books of its time.
Ex-Machina takes place across two distinct time lines of the same character Mitchell Hundred who in 1999 examines a strange device that imbues him with the ability to hear machines talk and also communicate with them, while also showing us his later life career as the mayor of New York after using his abilities to help during 9/11. This is used amazingly well as it allows for the story and events to be unveiled in small and exciting chunks and allows for a narrative that twists and turns all the time keeping you on the edge of your seat.
Tony Harris also does a great job on the artwork, as each panel looks great at the settings and characters are very well defined. However given that he cast the entire series and photographed each actor to then add detail to afterwards you would expect this.
The unique approach taken by Harris also plays into the book, as Vaughan never uses the title to push political ideas only to tell the story, which given the whole political aspects of the story is unique and different- but with books like ‘Y the last man’ I under his belt this should come as no surprise to anyone.
The series is a finite number of issues and I feel this really helps with the progression of the story as knowing the end is coming helped keeping Vaughan focused on crafting a great in depth political Superhero piece that demands to be read.

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