Comic Book Picks 27th August’14


Wednesday is nearly upon us once more and that means there’s a host of new comic books to keep your eyes on, and here’s what I think should provide them with a visual treat this week.

The Goon: Occassion of Revenge #2


Official Synopsis: t’s full-blown war between the Goon’s Family and the Witch Gang, while the Goon becomes entangled with a woman who is more than willing to fight by his side. Meanwhile, Willy Nagel’s own personal story of revenge is played out, revealing his past secrets…

Why its a Pick: The Goon has always been a great read , there’s simply no denying the brilliance of the writing as every issue is a real treat to see and read. And this mini series is no different giving us some much-needed battles (Powell does a great job with fight scenes) and some more character development for the gang- you shouldnt miss this one.

Low #2


Official Synopsis: The underwater city of Salus, humanity’s last refuge, is running out of air and time. Poverty, disease, and corruption are rampant, and the church of Optimolgy can offer no solace as powerful as hard cream, the strange drug that keeps the bleak realities at bay. Police Inspector Marik Cain has sunk so low into that haze; should an opportunity for hope present itself, can he rise again?

Why its a Pick: Quite simply its written by Rick Remender and anything this man writes is pure brilliance, in my eyes atleast. Not only that but the story in the first issue was brilliant, and provided a great stage upon to build a really intriguing and engaging cast of characters and narratives. This is a sci-fi book that Remender was destined to write, as the man seems to fit the genre brilliantly and this book feels very much like biohazard with a little bit more brilliance.

All New X-Men #31


Official Synopsis: ICEMAN UNLEASHED! Young Bobby Drake takes to the offensive!
• For someone who’s said she doesn’t find him particularly pleasant to be around, Laura seems to have taken an odd interest in Warren.

Why its a Pick: Brian Bendis has done an amazing job with all his ‘X’ books, and made them all must reads and I hadn’t seen that coming. For that reason alone this title shouldnt be missed as the story of the X-Men from the past mixing it up with the current roster of X-Men has turned into a really good story arc thus far and produced some of the more unique and interesting character turns and develops in any X-Men title for a long time.

Book of the Week:


It had to go to Remender for his intriguing science fiction tale.


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