Weekly Recommendation: Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep is the sequel to one of Stephen Kings most beloved books- ‘The Shining.’ And it continues the tale of Danny Torrence and what has become of the boy, now turned man, since the events at the overlook, and tells its tale in a less scary yet equally enthralling way.
King picks up the tale Danny as a full grown 30+ adult, who has spent most of his life avoiding using the ‘shining’ and instead having found as life of drifting and drinking to numb the voices and powers. From the very out set you feel that Danny has wasted his years,despite finding work in care homes and looking after the terminally ill and occasionally using the ‘shining’ to ease their passing. This tale of Danny and his attempted reception is the whole basis of the book, and King does a great job of letting us know how low Danny sunk when at the bottom and how this and his past haunt him everyday.
The book features a strong cast,with only Danny returning from the Shining but you may get a revisit from the odd ghost. The rest of the cast are new friends, acquaintances and enemies for Danny to deal with. This is where the book excels as every character is well written and their motivations are laid out and understandable- yes even the horrid ‘True Knot’ have a reason for their horrid crimes. With Rosey being one of the best characters in the book, its really odd to love the villain so much, but despite her great characterisation you still can’t help but route for Danny and his new young friend to succeed in stopping them.
The pacing of the book is great- there aren’t huge moments of action until the end but at no point do you feel the story is slow or dragging along, as the work done in establishing the final confrontation and setting the stage with the characters is easily the best section of the book.
If you’ve ever wondered what happened to Danny Torrence along with his mother Wendy then how’s the time to find out, as you Wong be disappointed.


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