Week in Geek 10-17th August’14

week in geek

Once again the week has come to an end, and with it a host of exciting and new news slowly slips away with the prospect of more exciting news in the coming week. But before we get there here’s the top stories of the week.

Smiling Showdowns– the greatest rivals in film made slightly more happy

Weekly Recommendation– The Darkness

Del Toro provides an update o Justice League Dark– including the roster hed like to use and the tone of the movie.

Actor Robin Williams Dies– the saddest and biggest news of the week a the same time, such a tragedy.

Ant-Man plot update– including a potential spoiler on a future ‘Young Avenger’

Dr Who has a new trailer– and its awesome and in cinematic style.

Better Call Saul- gets its first teaser trailer, and boy does it excite in the very short time it gives.

Book of Life Trailer- Del Toro gets the trailer for his latest and amazing looking animated movie out in the world.

AquaMan is cast– and the line has been set for his first appearance too

Comic Book picks for the 13th August

James Gunn tells ‘Who is Starlords father?’– and the answer may be a shock to us nerds

New Silent Hills game– and boy does this thing look scary and awesome all in one go

Thought Bubble: Cesaro’s Misuse– and how the WWE have missed a golden opportunity with a future star

Guardians of the Galaxy now has a number 1 album- say what? Although I do love the soundtrack

Is this the Beginning and End of Superman Vs Batman: Dawn of Justice– apparently that’s true and with the description matching what we’ve seen maybe it is

Star Wars Stormtrooper images leaked– and boy do they look familiar and cool all at the same time

Guardians of the Galaxy Movie mashups– and some of these images and movie blends are great

Constantine adds to its cast– and this addition is one thats good enough to keep you up till ‘Midnight’

WWE SumerSlam predictions– will the gold change hands or not, come and find out.

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