Star Wars Episode VII Stormtrooper images

Star Wars is currently in the process of filming, well its on a tiny break due to Harrison Fords injury, but news has broken that the first images of the new stormtroopers has hit the web. And I’ve got them for you right here
The below images show what appears to be two new stormtrooper looks, the first is very reminiscent of the original stormtrooper helmet and look, however it isn’t a symmetrical helmet as it only has the breathing vent on one of the helmet not both. Add to that the slightly more curvy look to the black sections and this is definitely an updated look to the regular and loved helmet that retains most of the original charm.


The second helmet appears to be an updated snowtrooper helmet by the look, but I guess only time will tell if this is the case. But the image is definitely a big variation to the original snowtrooper helmet if this is the case, but is close enough to still be easily recognisable.


Hopefully well see full stormtrooper images soon enough.


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