Weekly Recommendation: The Darkness

The Darkness is a long running comic book series from Top Cow that is a great read for two reasons- it features enough demons to fill the 7th circle of hell and it packs a violent punch. I can’t recommend you check this title out enough, and here’s why.

The story was originally written by Garth Ennis and had Marc Silvestri on pencils duty, and as you can imagine it started out strong with these two creators. And has continued to be a top level book for Top Cow ever since, despite numerous changes to the entire creative time and multiple restarts to the series.
The Darkness is the story of Mafia hitman Jackie Estacado who on his 21st birthday became the bearer of the Darkness, an elemental force that allows those who wield it access to an otherworldly dimension and control over the demons who dwell there.

This means that the story starts off dark, with Jackie being hunted by the Mafia and getting himself almost killed before his powers manifest after the thugs kill his girlfriend- and he manages to embrace the demons to exact instant revenge on the thugs at hand. The story relies heavily in the demons, and this is one of its strengths and they are really well presented and even have a personality of their own later on in the series. The abilities that Jackie gets through wielding his abilities are suited to a comic book as there totally nuts and allow him to really cause carnage to the human form. And they provide some great visuals with each demon looking distinct from the others, and with Jackie able to use the darkness to produce a Kevlar style protection suit this is a book that really show cases the powers of its main protagonist.

The book however wouldn’t be complete without a great story, and this book has seen Jackie going from seeking revenge against mob bosses, to taking part in the eternal struggle between the darkness and heaven, running his own illegal empire and merely trying to regain his abilities. Each of these tales is so intricately written and well presents that they never seem to long, to familiar and always entertain. The characters are well presented too- mainly Jackie- but he’s presented as a cocky and quick witted hitman who really doesn’t need the abilities in the beginning (or want them) but the change to a man who becomes dependant upon them and much more morally balanced is a great tale to read in itself.

If you’ve never checked his title out, I can’t recommend it enough- just for the great cast of demons and true carnage Jackie causes but also for the fact that everything Ennis touches is a violent classic. And let’s not forget the no-one does dark and hero ding characters in the hyper stylish tones of Silvestri, and he never looks better than wielding the darkness


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