Del Toro update on Justice League Dark

DC currently have a slate of 9movie release dates, and everyone is wondering how their planning to fill them- It appears Guillermo Del Toro is still interested in Justice League Dark taking one of those later spots.
Del Toro is no stranger to supernatural based movies, and is no surprise to box offices successes but it appears DC still aren’t sold on his Justice League Dark pitch. However that doesn’t seem to be stopping Del Toro from pitching ideas in public, as he’s given an update on his thoughts.
“I would love to have The Spectre in it, because he’s one of the most..absolutely, beyond moral characters in this universe and he does crazy things…but, I’m happy with…they’re doing that with Constantine. What I made clear to them is that the tv series will not effect the movie and they said that’s okay. They said you can have independence. Now, if we see the TV series and we can mesh with it or cast the same actor depending on where the movie is going, I would be happy to consider that.”
Del Toro has previously mentioned including Etrigan the Demon, Deadman, Swamp Thing, Zatanna, Constantine and the Floronic Man.
Well as good as that sounds, with DC already having announced that the TV and movie universes won’t merge or share actors could this be a great yet in feasible dream?
Whatever the case, DC should give Del Toro a shot with this- he made Hellboy work and Guardians of the Galaxy has shown cinema goers will see lesser known characters. And let’s be honest who doesn’t want to see Swamp Thing and Deadman done by the great Del Toro.


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