I miss Bruce Timm.

Not because I think Bruce Timm is better, or smarter, or more creative, or any other superlative you can use to fill in the blank. But there has been a definite shift in tone since James Tucker took over as supervising producer for DC Animation, and it’s darker, something many people would breathlessly describe as “edgier” and whatnot. And that’s fine, if that’s the kind of thing you want to watch.

Batman-Assault on ArkhamUnfortunately, DC doesn’t seem to understand they have a mixed audience — some of us like the gritty, urban, blood and boobs type of story; others of us like animated pictures to be a little less than that — something we can watch with the kids, who share an interest in comics and superheroes. After all, isn’t DC trying to prime the pump to get kids hooked before they grow up into teenagers and adults…

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