Sandman: Hope in the Abyss Fan made film

Sandman has always been a comic book fan favourite since Neil Gaiman introduced the world to Morpheus, and now on the heels of a potential Hollywood movie we get a kick starter for a cool looking fan film.
The trailer looks great and really well done, which is no surprise given the talent on board.
Hope in the Abyss is a fan film based on the works of Neil Gaiman, giving the fans the Sandman experience we’ve always dreamed of. A ten-minute Sandman fan film, created by an incredible team of film professionals who love the world that Neil Gaiman built, Hope in the Abyss will be shot with a combination of 5K RED live action footage, custom-built miniatures and puppets (see their works in Coraline), VFX from a team with credits on Man of Steel, King Kong, Return of the King, Alice in Wonderland, and Coraline, special make up effects by Christina Kortum (Grimm, Leverage), the editor of SyFy’s Z Nation, and the producers of JourneyQuest, Gamers, plus Emmy-winning and Academy Award nominated films.

Check it out for yourself here:


2 thoughts on “Sandman: Hope in the Abyss Fan made film

    • Unfortunately as WBrothers are now making a movie- they have forced a shut down on the KickStarter trailer until it’s resolved.
      It’s gone from everywhere- looks like it was a short lived trailer.

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