Weekly Recommendation: The Flash (2014 TV Show)

recommendationHaving seen the Flash Pilot I’m highly recommending the show as a must see when it debuts this autumn on the CW. The pilot was a good watch and certainly hints at good things for the show, and here’s why

The Flash is obviously the second of their current DC Comics based shows- following Arrow- and the fact this is t their first comic book adaptation really shows in the quality and style of the production. The show doesn’t fall victim to the cheesy dialog that plagued the first 6episodes of Arrow instead everything seems to fit the tone of the show with the scientific elements seeming to hold their own amongst the slightly comedic tone to Barry’s character that shines through. Add to this a cast of secondary characters that seem like they could be as well fleshed out as any side kick characters and this has real high chances of being a top level show. Especially when you consider who one of the ‘Flash’s’ main allies truly is.

theflash_full_costumeHowever no superhero show is complete with a backstory and an origin piece- yet Flash has the distinct advantage that we are already familiar with Barry from his guest spot on Arrow where we were also treated to his superhero origins. This means that the pilot episode can spend 10minutes recapping this and the events that led upto that fateful moment before jumping right in with Barry awakening from his coma. This is a great change of pace, as there is no slow build to the use of powers there on display from the first part of the show- and this is where the show shines.

The moment you see ‘Flash’ start to run and discover his powers, you realise just how well CW has done this. You get the trademark vibrating of the hands and the feet, you get small burst of super speed and the ability for Flash to see things so quickly they appear to be slowing down and all of these glimpses just build to the inevitable display of powers to come at the end of the show. Along the way your treated to a scene where we get to see the origin of the costume- and its done in a believable fashion too (with some help from a masked friend) and then you get to see the first of many superpowered villains.

The final showdown is well done and really only serves the purpose of displaying the power levels that Barry can achieve- but the battle with Barry moving at such high speeds (in excess of 700mph) looks great and really does showcase the illusion of speed that we should be seeing from the Flash.  Plus there are some very nice nods in the pilot towards future villians and appearances (Grood!!) but I wont spoil too many.

The pilot is well worth a watch, and im holding out hope for more good things to come.


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