‘The Flash’ Casts Kelly Frye as Plastique

Sublime Zoo

One: These hero/villain names never surprise me with how weird and hokey they can get (then again, these are some of the things I love about the genre).

Two: Between Arrow and The Flash, my f*cking head is going to explode reporting all of this trailer/casting news.

Geez, CW. Why won’t you let us zookeepers sleep? Stop being so awesome.

Back to the news at hand, Kelly Frye was recently added to the cast of The Flash as Bette Sans Souci (who is also known as Plastique). According to The Wrap and what role Bette will be playing on the upcoming show: “Bette was a bomb disposal expert in Iraq when the S.T.A.R. Labs meltdown surged through her and gave the ability to turn objects into explosives. Seen as a powerful war weapon, Bette is on the run from U.S. black ops when she finds an ally in…

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