Weekly Recommendation: The Filth

recommendationOnce again Monday has arrived, and with the start of the week comes my recommendation. And with it being Comic-Con I’m staying with comics and suggesting you check out Grant Morrisons ‘Filth.’

This is a book that began it’s published life in 2002 and was a limited (13 issue) series. The book also featured Chris Weston on pencils and Gary Erskine on colours.
The official synopsis for the series is as follows: Greg Feely, a bachelor whose main interests are his cat and masturbating to pornography. Feely is actually a member of a shadowy organization called The Hand and their attempts to keep society on the path to the ‘Status Q’.

filthYou know when you read anything from Grant Morrison its going to be a somewhat psychodelic read, the story is going to be full of odd moments that need some later expalnation (and still might not seem all that logical) and your bound to be treated to some scenes that really mess with your head. This book is no different as it really spins a crazy tale in your head and leaves you wondering at every moment what could happen next and how will this end?

Add to that a bunch of charcters that really leave you perplexed- such as an assassin monkey named Dmitri-9 and a Pam Greer look alike of a sidekick, if you were off your face on acid when you first saw her and your somewhere near the craziness of the characters that Morrison manages to get in here. But there all well developed and have their own roles to play within this tale, and that what makes this work that even when something seems totally non-sensical it has purpose that will become clearer and give the tale more meaning.

Dont get me worn this book isnt a genre bending or defining title, but it does what sometimes the medium of comics forgets- it gives you a totally insane tale, with great artwork and an interesting adult story that makes ever moment a joy to read and experiance. There is clearly nothing held back here and Morrison has pourd all his crazy into this, and you cant help but admire the final tale once its all finished due to this.


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