Retroactive Special Edition: Detective Comics Through The Decades

The Speech Bubble

Welcome one and all to a very special edition of Retroactive in honor of my Week of Batman. What I plan to do here is take you on a visual comic cover tour of the past concerning the series that started it all for Batman: Detective Comics. Over the course of countless editions, I had previously highlighted and chosen my favourite Detective Comics covers from each year of the title’s existence. With this special edition I plan on taking those winners and determining the very best of each decade. Below you’ll find the various links to each decade. Click on that specific logo to be instantly taken to my number one choice complete with my original synopsis along with links to all the Retroactive features of that specific decade so you yourself can chime in with your selections.


Detective Comics 1930’sdetective-comics-logo___________________________________________________

Detective Comics 1940’sdetective-comics-logo___________________________________________________

Detective Comics 1950’sdetective-comics-logo___________________________________________________

Detective Comics 1960’sdetective-comics-logo___________________________________________________

Detective Comics…

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