Fight Club sequel gets more detail

Just over 12months ago Chuck Palahniuk stood in front of the comic-con crowd and announced he was creating a sequel to his infamous novel, well it appears as this years comic-con rolls around we’re getting more detail about the sequel
We ready know the sequel is set 10years after the events of the original with the narrator and Marla having gotten married, and will be published in 10comic books via Darkhorse. But now we have a little more plot detail to sink our teeth into.

Tyler Durden will be haunting and influencing the mind of the narrator’s 9-year old son. According to Palahniuk, Tyler wasn’t merely a figment of one man’s imagination, but he’s instead something far greater that has been around for a long, long time. Project Mayhem is still around as well, and it’s safe to assume that dad’s creation is drawing Junior in.

Palahniuk also confirms there will be at least one fight club scene- which is good given the title.
The series is illustrated by Cameron Stewart and will be available May 2015

Are you excited??


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