WWE Battleground Predictions 2014

wwe-battleground14-640x360WWE presents Battleground tonight, as it’s monthly PPV spectacle so let’s get speculating on the winners and losers of tonight’s event.

Tonight’s line-up of matches is as follows:

  • Naomi vs. Cameron (Pre-show)
  • The Usos vs. The Wyatt Family (2-out-of-3 Falls match for Tag Team Championship)
  • Battleground Battle Royal (Intercontinental Championship)
  • Paige vs. AJ Lee (Divas Championship)
  • Rusev vs. Jack Swagger
  • Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt
  • Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins
  • John Cena vs. Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton vs. Kane (WWE World Heavyweight Championship)

Cameron nets a win

While the build to this match has been obvious, and done nothing for either of the competitors I expect that to change tonight. I’m fully expecting Naomi to look strong and perform well, while I’m unconvinced over what well get from Cameron- mainly because her character seems so similar to Alicia Fox.
However my bet is Cameron is moved higher up the Divas ranking with a win here, as Alicia Fox’s character failed there there’s space for an angry diva-ish Diva act here.



Tag Titles Taken

I was surprised by the result of the encounter between these two at MITB, as I was all in for the title switch. However we got a good match between two teams who seem to gel together nicely, and this 2out of3 falls should be exciting.
But the time for Rowan and Harper is now, with the ‘Dust Brothers’ as their first defence this summer.


The 1Behind the 1in 21-1 gets another Battle Royal Win

The easy bet tonight is Cesaro winning his second large and important battle royal of the last 4months thanks to his associate Paul Haymen’s advice.
Despite his recent losing streak I see this going no other way, Cesaro is the best bet here and the likely winner.

However going one and Bo would be a good choice for an outside bet on Bo Dallas. Could you imagine the inspirational swarmy promos if he had gold.

AJ retains

This is an odd feud that began before AJ Lee’s time off with a 30second bout and a title switch to announce Paige’s arrival. Paige then had a good run and looked strong as the head of the Diva’s division before another 30second match and title switch occurred.
While the past encounters haven’t given anyone enough to judge, I’m expecting a good match from these two if given the time (think Charlotte Vs Nat Hart on NXT) with strong offence from both ladies. Yet when the dust settles there’s only one leader of the Diva’s division- and it’s AJ Lee.



Rusev Crushes

Rusev has been an unstoppable force since his main roster debut, and do we really think Jack Swagger is the man to end this?
While Swagger has recently got the fans back behind him, by being slightly less racist, I don’t see him gaining a higher roster spot by winning while a Rusev win moves him ever closer to that encounter with Reigns (one that officially ends fairly)
The only reason to not push Rusev tonight is the current all edged Russian involvement in the Malaysian airlines disaster- if WWE creative can move past this then Rusev moves past Swagger.



Wyatt and Y2J No contest

Wyatt deserves a PPV win especially after his seemingly inability to beat John Cena, or look even remotely strong when he does (cage match anyone?) but I don’t see it here tonight. But at the same time I don’t see Y2J getting the win, at least not by ping all or submission.
Look for Wyatt to get disqualified, a brawl to break out or pure chaos to keep Wyatt from the win until SummerSlam where it will do him more good.


Lunatics Asylum

I’m going out on a limb here and calling for an Ambrose win in the first encounter with Rollins. I’m expecting this feud to go well past the summer and for that to happen we need an Ambrose win and Rollins and the Authority dishing out justice post match.
I’m expecting Ambrose to sneak the win and be beaten down before he can leave the arena- setting up more shenanigans for SummerSlam between these two. The two work so well together, and the WWE has a fresh angle with the MITB briefcase for the first time in years that I don’t see how they could possibly want to end this feud any earlier than christmas- so this seems the only logical move.



Champ is Still here

This seems like the only option here for the WWE- with the inevitable Cena Vs Lesnar match that we all expect at SummerSlam and that the mighty Paul Heyman hinted at on Raw. Plus when you look at the rest of the participants in the match your hard picked to see who else could take the titles. Reigns isn’t quite ready yet- and im still expecting a true WrestleMania moment for him to get his first solo world title win, Kane is merely in the match as they seems to be nothing for him to do but support the authority and look to give them a numerical advantage. And then there’s Randy Orton, who has had the first ever run as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and by accounts had a fairly forgettable reign until he was beaten by Daniel Bryan.As much as many people out there may hate it- Cena wins and leaves champion.

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