Weekly Recommendation: Tozzer (Comic book series)


Monday has arrived again and that means that its time for a recommendation to see people through the week, or really to give you something new/exciting to try to find and fill that free time that leaves you wondering it is you should be doing. This week see’s a very limited and independent comic book series get my recommendation in the form of ‘Tozzer.’  This is a series made by Rob Dunlop and Peter Lumby, and from the very beginning does exactly what it sets out to do tells a hell of a funny story and delivers some great looking laugh out loud moments.

tozzerThe story has a bizarre synopsis, but this just adds to the series allure: Tozzer is an aspiring illusionist. Growing up in Sh*t Creek trailer park, he is surrounded by the deadbeats of the entertainment industry. But he dreams of becoming a celebrity performer, like his idol, the great Lord Cop-A-Feel.  Follow Tozzer from his humble trailer park to the Boarboils School of Drama, in Hollywood. Is he the one? Can he avoid being hacked to death by S&M, the insane rapper? And will he solve the mystery of the vault, before the school explodes.  There’s magic, movies and mayhem! So strap yourself in, lower the buzz-saw and prepare to have your sides split!

First of all if your after a serious or brooding graphic novel for the read, then this really isn’t for you- as this book couldn’t be more tounge in cheek hysterically funny. Most of the characters within the series, except Tozzer, are simply parodies of Hollywood stars with name changes- but they are so well done that you really will recognise not just the looks of the celebrity but the behaviours and the speech while laughing so hard its un-true. Some of the jokes are a little close to the knuckle, but even when you feel like you shouldnt be laughing this book just makes sure you can’t help yourself.

Add to this a decent story- yes I know this is big part of comic books- but you usually have to forgive a comedy based book for having no story and you really are onto a book that delivers something different in the current crop of superhero or dark stories. The story is intriguing all the way through and delivers a well done ‘Scooby-Doo’ style ending that tests you ability to recall key points and moments to see if that really just happened.

This is the perfect book for the summer nights- its easy to read, light on the brain and is sure to make you laugh out loud. Yes it may be childish in its joke telling, but it looks great and delivers some great moments, so who cares really! Just think of this as the comic book version of ‘Ren and Stimpy’ and your along the right lines.

Pick this up and read it now- you wont be disappointed.


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