Film Friday 4th July’14

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Friday is the big day within the UK for cinema/film releases, and that means that the number of people who are planning to go out and see a new movie is huge. But if your planning on going to the silver screen this weekend, whats out there that’s worth seeing? Well lets take a look at this weeks big releases and what i think of each one.

Transformers: Age of Extinction

trans4Transformers is now a long running series- with this being the fourth release in the Michael Bay directed line of the old Hasbro toys. This is easily the biggest release of the week from an expectation standpoint and definitely from a big budget movie feel- the film has already made over $300million in the first worldwide release weekend so i expect this film to pack people into the cinemas this weekend.

Despite this being the biggest expected release of the week- this isn’t a movie I would recommend you rush out to see and here’s why. The series so far has been sporadic with its success, the first movie was good but had moments of nonsense (a robot weeing on a human), the second movie was shocking and the fight scenes were hard to decipher to work out what was happening. The need for Bay to cast a woman, who serves no story point in the way he uses them at least, is not a great addition to the story and the reviews for this movie have been anything but good.

I’m sure this will have a great opening at the box office, despite the obvious flaws in the series so far, and the casting of Mark Whalberg will help with this as he has become a much credible actor in the last 8years. And let’s be honest it’s still giant fighting robots, and the desire to see Grimlock for old animated series fans may be too much to keep them away.

If you want a movie that you don’t need to think about, will have story flaws every 5mins but provide huge action sequences then this may the one for you.


The Anomaly



A Hard Days Night



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