Weekly Recommendation: Mercenary Kings

Mercenary_Kings_box_artAt this point in time next generation gaming consoles havent delivered a huge amount of exclusive titles that cant be found on their previous incarnations and thats a little bit disapointing, however having chosen to stick with Sony and grab the PS4 Ive found other ways to make the most out of my console. And one of those is the great usage of PSN games that are being made available and the most addictive ive found so far is easily Mercenary Kings.

I’ve been a gamer for a long time, but right now im playing fewer games than ever before- mainly due to having a young family but also due to the huge cost associated with buying new games and the fact that there isn’t a huge amount being released that seems new, exciting or being released bug free (WatchDogs anyone?). However despite this I have found one game that keeps me coming back for more and more (Other than KillZone Shadow Fall online) and that’s the afore-mentioned Mercenary Kings by Tribute Games.

Mercenary-kings-catMercenary Kings is a side-scrolling shoot ’em up/run ‘n gun similar to games such as Metal Slug, in which players fight against hordes of enemies and rescue hostages. Players have the ability to craft their arsenal and upgrade their armor, as well play alongside three other players, locally or online. And this game is so addictive from the minute you load it up for a variety of reasons, top of this list is the look of the game. The game harkens back to a day of old arcade games with its slightly blocky and cell shaded colours that really look distinctive in todays everything needs to realistic market place and that gives the game a huge fun factor from an aesthetic point before you even get into the gameplay. Add to this the fact that the ‘cut scenes’ arent really cut scenes at all but are done in split screen radio communication style conversations and the game really does have a retro feel to it.

Once you get into the game the basic control scheme of run, jump, shoot and duck really is so simple that you can pick the game up and go right from the start with no 30minute learn your powers and skills tutorial. The pace of the game is great too, the minute you launch your first mission- on your own or with others- you get a real sense that this game is going to play fast and manic on the gunfire and that your going to really enjoy getting into this. The ability to customise your own armour and guns is a nice touch, as even this is done with menus and options that keep the games old school feel and never take anything to seriously.

Maybe im a sucker for nostalgia, or maybe im tired of over priced games that don’t deliver or do anything new year to year (Fifa im looking at you) but this game has been a true breath of fresh air for me over the last month and I cant recommend enough you get your hands on this and get stuck into the gun-toting fast paced action.


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