WWE: Money in the Bank Predictions

wwemitb14Tonight sees WWE present us with this months second pay per view in the form of Money in the Bank, and this years event has a unique book as it will be the first time that the ‘Money in the Bank’ match has ever been for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The PPV also has a host of other matches, not many are true standouts but the two ladder matches should deliver- and here are my predictions for how the show will play out.
The official match card is as follows:
Summer Rae vs. Layla (Fandango as referee)
Rusev vs. Big E
Stardust and Goldust vs. Ryback and Curtis Axel
Paige vs. Naomi (Divas Championship)
The Usos vs. The Wyatt Family (Tag Team Championship)
Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Bad News Barrett vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Jack Swagger vs. Kofi Kingston (Money in the Bank Ladder match)
Kane vs. Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus vs. Cesaro vs. Bray Wyatt vs. John Cena vs. Roman Reigns (WWE Championship Ladder match)

Summer wins
Summer Rae is the more gifted wrestler of the two in the ring, and that’s not saying a lot, but also seems to have more momentum behind her right now. She got off a return from filming a WWE produced movie, is delivering well in NXT and appears to have some character build while Layla has done nothing for 12months (although she is a previous Divas champ) besides being paired up with Fandango for this angle.

So im calling a Summer Rae win here, potentially with the support and help of Fandango.


Rusev Dominates

Big E is the only real test for Rusev on the roster thus far, despite the fact he got pinned easily in under 3minutes at the last PPV. And im expecting this match to get a little bit longer than the previous one, but the result will be the same- Rusev continues to be booked as the new big monster on the roster and dominates Big E all the way to Lana’s “Crush”


Stardust and Goldust Shine Bright

To be 100% honest im not yet sold on the Stardust character, despite him seeming entertaining and knowing that Cody can deliver in the ring but the whole gimmick needs longer to settle in. And that’s the main reason that im giving the win to the old ‘Rhodes Brothers’ team, and hoping they get a new name tonight too. Despite RybAxel’s recent run of form and some decent in ring chemistry between the two, im afraid that tonight the win goes to the face painted duo.


Paige Wins

Naomi has been good in the ring as of late and has the talent to deliver a great match alongside Paige tonight, and im fully expecting this match to be better than most are expecting. However the only downside on this is the inevitable interference from Cameron that will cost Naomi the loss and develop a future feud between the former ‘Funkadactyls.’

Paige is great in the ring and has a very different look for the WWE, but at this moment in time i feel that she is being wasted a little- she been given no real-time to display her character or talk on the mic. I’m hoping that a win tonight means that we can move onto a real feud that allows for more development od Paige and some more great in ring from the retaining Diva’s Champion.


Wyatt Family Rule

The USO’s have been great as WWE tag team champions, and are still massively liked by the audience but they havent had any real standout moments that make the reign all that memorable. And with them already having battled a large number of the tag teams that are on the roster (as this is a small number) there seems very little options left for them to go with except a title change tonight.

The Wyatts have also proven that they are more tha capable of standing on their own- out of Brays shadow- and can really deliver some solid tag team matches of their own. Add to that the fact the crowds are really behind the whole Wyatt movement and the fact their leader may not be getting gold tonight (more later) and this seems like the right time to give the big bad family the gold.



Rollins Rolls on

This is a difficult call for me, as I would normally expect the WWE to go for an outside potential winner to grab the briefcase- however after the recent shocking and somewhat unprepared heel turn of Rollins he surely needs to win the match to make the whole angle worthwhile. His turn on the SHIELD was surprising and so far the WWE have given us no explanation as to why this occured, but have made good work of keeping it in the forefront of people’s minds by setting up the angle with Ambrose.

The other competitors in this match don’t read as first choices for the briefcase- Ziggler has had it before and didn’t qualify for the ‘big event,’ Barrett may be injured and out of the match but also holds Intercontinental gold, RVD is outdated and irrelevant and then Kofi and Swagger are both stuck in the midcard doing very little.

This leave just the architect and the lunatic- and out of the two the high-flying and entertaining former self-confessed leader of the SHIELD has the most potential her and makes the most sense.


WWE World Heavyweight Title

This is the math ive had the most trouble calling- mainly because im hoping the obvious choice isn’t where the WWE go. And besides my hope, the recent leaked SummerSlam poster featuring a Cena vs Lesnar image doesn’t help my fear that they go back to the tried and tested instead of following the youth movement they began after Wrestlemania. but let break it down.

Reigns is likely to move on from here into a bigger feud with HHH that leads to the SummerSlam showdown, and this isnt quite the time for him either- I see his first title reign beginning at Wrestlemania with a real marque moment. Randy Orton is still slightly injured and seems like he is more involved with the Evolution angle than being set up as a singles champ right now given how his last reign ended. Del Rio is Del Rio,  and Kane is only here to add the illusion that Orton could win and that should say it all. Cesaro has the opportunity to truly break out and could the great surprise we all need, but im afraid with Heyman being split between him and Lesnar that the focus has to shift upon his return and that leaves Cesaro short. Wyatt would be a huge breath of fresh air and my personal pick to win- but again if the plan is to move it to Cena for the summer than another loss to Cena would really hurt his character in a singles match, as he’s already lost matches that he shouldn’t really have in ways that made him look weak that he has managed to claw back through an amazing promo style and ability.

Unfortunately that leaves the WWE going back to the ‘Champ’ and i really am hoping that this pick is wrong, but I just can’t go against it now.


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