Pacific Rim 2: Its Official and has a Release Date

Pacific Rim Locandina

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim was a huge movie, at least outside of the United States, where it made a whopping 75% of its total gross income. Not only is this a real rarity but this is the real reason anyone was looking to make a sequel to this movie, which if you’ve seen thoroughly deserves a sequel as the first movie was a great example of a modern Kaiju film. And earlier today it was confirmed by both Legendary Pictures and Guillermo Del Toro that a sequel and another related project are in the works

The sequel will still feature the main characters left from the first movie, namely Raleigh, Mako, Newt and even Hannibal which is great news as Charlie Hunnam and Ron Pearlman were great in the original. The movie is set to get its release on April 7th 2017 and according to Del Toro ‘will be bigger and take the characters to places they’ve never been before.’ Im already excited for more Jaeger action!

Adding to this however was the announcement that there will be an animated show released prior to the movie that ties into the overall story of both films, which makes this show just as exciting a prospect.


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