Comic Book Picks 25th June’14


Well Wednesday has nearly arrived again, and that means that its time for a whole new host of thoroughly exciting comic books to make their way out into the world and onto the shelves of your local comic book store. So here’s the run down of what I think is worth buying and checking out this week.

Outcast #1


Synopsis: Kyle Barnes has been plagued by demonic possession all his life and now he needs answers. Unfortunately, what he uncovers along the way could bring about the end of life on Earth as we know it.

Why Pick It: This is the new series from the acclaimed Robert Kirkman, who has created the huge phenomenon of ‘The Walking Dead’ so anything with his name attached should very well be checked out in th least. You know with Kirkman your going to get great character work, amazing story development and some brutal action that should satisfy everyone. This really is a new release that deserves to be checked out by everyone.

Savage Hulk #1


Synopsis: Alan Davis writes and draws a blockbuster story pitting the HULK against… the X-MEN!?!?! Learn the startling secret of Professor Xavier’s connection to Bruce Banner! Guest starring the Leader and the Abomination!

Why Pick It: Anything starring the Hulk is usually great, and with the recent success of Savage Wolverine, a more mature Hulk title seemed inevitable but also like a really good fit for the character. Add to this the great writing talent of Alan Davis, and a cameo from the entire of the X-men and this should be a book worth reading- given that there is an inevitable showdown between the Green goliath and Marvels Mutants, I expect epic things.

Batman #32


Synopsis: The penultimate issue of ZERO YEAR is here! Batman gets one step closer to the endgame with The Riddler as the final chapter of ZERO YEAR: SAVAGE CITY draws closer to its stunning finale!

Why Pick It: The entire storyline for ‘Zero Year’ has been immensely great, Scott Snyder could not be doing a better job of re-telling the formative year of the Dark Knight. The resurrection of the Riddler as a genuine threat (this is the way i have always loved him) is also a great reason to be reading this book, as Batman is always best when up against a real thinking and intelligent threat and boy is Snyder delivering this.

Pick of the Week:


In a big week, Kirkman steals the crown- im just to excited for this book to possibly recommend anything else this week.


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