Batman Vs Superman movie news


There seems to be a host of new information hitting the internet almost daily about Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, and a lot of it has to do with the casting of new characters that will expand the universe (see my thoughts on that here) However there has been some substantial news that relates to characters we already know about, so let’s get it rolling.

The good folks over at have delivered a video update on the latest costume ideas and designs for Wonder Woman, along with more Batman information and a short piece on the new version of Lex Luthor that the movie will see- so here it all is:

So what do we all think to the news?

Personally im happy to see them keeping as close to the original and recognised character designs for Wonder Woman as much as possible- and really like the idea of her always wearing the shield, as this is a major piece of her arsenal. However im not so stoked on the news of Batman not living in Wayne Manor, or the Batcave not being directly underneath- I know this is a small change for a live long Batman fan it seems a big shift in continuity.


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