Ant-Man Villains Revealed.

marvel_antman_back-610x340Ant-Man has had its troubles recently, with the departure of a director and then what seemed to be a difficult struggle to fill the shoes of Edgar Wright, however Marvel have continued to move forward with the movie and promise us a great film. So theres only one real question remaining about the set-up to Scott Langs first outing as a super hero and that is- Who will be his Nemesis? Well it appears that may have been leaked

The leak has come courtesy of JoBlo who says the following:

“In the comics, Cross was an enemy of Scott Lang and the head of Cross Technological Enterprises. Instead of being Hulk-sized like the comics, Cross will reportedly have a similar outfit as Ant-Man. In the comics, Cross also has a cousin, William Cross, who becomes the villain Crossfire. William Cross is a CIA trained agent with expert martial arts and weapon skills and a cybernetic eye. So, he’s basically the Marvel version of Deadshot.”

So what do think if this is the planned direction of the film?



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