Guardians of the Galaxy New International Trailer



With the world-wide release of August the 1st approaching fast, it’s a little over 6weeks now, ‘Guardians’ fever appears to be catching on even with those not hugely into the orignal comic book property. And to help add to that Marvel have released a brand new 2minute long trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy that showcases a much more serious side to the movie than we have seen in the previous trailers.

The new footage gives us a little back story to ‘Star Lord’ (Chris Pratt) along with a host of new footage of the ‘galaxy’ and what we can expect from the in space scenes, and they look truly beautiful. The footage also gives another couple of small glances at ‘Ronan the Accuser’ but not enough to give away the full look of him yet, which i like. Add to that some more “I am Groot” alot of action shots and a host of ‘Rocket’ talking and this trailer really has everything you need to get you truly excited by the film. But enough talk lets watch

James Gunn is directing this intergalactic team movie, and based on all the footage seen so far it looks like Marvels biggest cinematic risk to date is going to pay off big time. There doesn’t appear to be a thing wrong with the conversion, or anything that should alienate any of their already heavily established movie going audience from checking out this new property- and that can only be good for the future of the Marvel cinematic universe. Roll on August 1st


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