DC Movie Dates

DC have been long rumoured to be looking at getting more of their properties onto the big screen in a similar move to Marvel- but as of today everything had just been wild speculation and rumour apart from ‘Batman vs Superman’ but that’s all changed.

As reportedly their has been a huge leak and we know have our hands on not only dates but movie characters too, the Deadline founder launched her eponymous website today with a purported development slate that, while characterized as “in flux,” certainly qualifies as ambitious: “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” (May 2016); “Shazam” (July 2016); “The Sandman” (Christmas 2016); “Justice League” (May 2017); “Wonder Woman” (July 2017); a Flash and Green Lantern team-up (Christmas 2017); and “Man of Steel 2” (May 2018).

There are some ambitious titles there for DC, most notably ‘Shazam’ who may be a difficult character for the company to get onto screens and for people to but into going to see.
It’s great to finally see a date for ‘The Sandman’ as this is a project that since it’s announcement has had me truly excited- who doesn’t love the original story work of Neil Gaiman on these books

The big shock to me however is the 2016 release date for ‘Justice League’ as many people, myself included, thought this would be no earlier than 2018- so a full 12months in advance means that both DC and Warner Brothers must really be working on hard on getting the script sorted and the storyboarding well under way.
It’s nice to see a ‘Wonder woman’ solo movie in that list too, but I am somewhat surprised as DC have said multiple times that there not sure how to translate her I to the big screen- but I guess this is a problem there going to need to solve and fast with a summer 2017 release window they’re clearly bang I this being a blockbuster movie.

I’m less the excited to see the return of green lantern to the cinema screens and any mind of movie after the last attempt. And pairing him with Flash in a team up movie strikes me as odd, but I guess time will tell on this one.

Let’s hope DC and Warner Brothers confirm this soon, as this is huge news.


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