Superhero Friends

Nerdy Ninja Platypus


Marvel and DC have always been the biggest competitors in the comic book industry. Each company is very different, yet if you look deeper into the characters they write about, you can see how similar they are. If Marvel has a superhero with electric powers, chances are that DC will have one too, and if DC has a character with super speed, then Marvel will also have one. I guess there are only so many superpowers available for the picking?

I never quite realised just how many heroes/villains were similar though, until I saw these illustrations created by Deviant Artist, Darren Rawlings. Rawlings has created a series of pictures called Little Friends, coupling a DC and Marvel character, both of whom have similar characteristics. For example, he has drawn Catwoman and Black Cat together. I presume you can guess what their link is – it’s in their name!


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