Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay trailer arrives

Batman: Arkham Knight Officially Announced!

Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman Arkham Knight is due to be released later this year on both X-Box one and PS4- and is the third installment of the now highly acclaimed ‘Arkham’ series of games (Origins doesn’t officially count due to being developed by a separate team) and promises to close out the story that began with Arkham Asylum and gave us a huge shock with Arkham City, and today we get the first gameplay footage.

The trailer is packed full of what weve come to expect from this series of games including gadgets, interrogation, chain combos and great looking cut scenes of villains yet at the same time it offers something new in the game play aspects- The Batmobile. These sequences look fast and manic, just like i imagine it would be to drive the batmobile- and i really cant wait to get my hands on this portion of the game. The trailer does a great job of highlighting the game and making it look more ‘next gen’ than previous titles while also doing a good job of highlighting the ‘Arkham Knight’ a new villain created specifically for the game who gathers a group of batvillains that should pose a real threat to him- especially given Harley Quinns current feelings to him after the end of Arkham City.

Well enough talking- here’s the trailer

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