Guardians of the Galaxy: Trailer #2

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Guardians of the Galaxy

The second trailer for Marvels summer blockbuster, and most risky release yet, has hit the internet today and is full of more character moments and action than the first one- including our first glimpse of ‘Groot’ talking. The trailer showcases the characters and mentions there backgrounds before diving into a plethora of action shots from the movie while giving us a nice voiceover informing every one of the basic storyline for the movie- the worlds needs saving and is in the hands of a ‘bunch of criminals.’

The trailer gets everything right, from the action shots of our heroes to the very small snippet of Rocket Racoon talking (and the smaller shot of Groot talking) to the minor glimpses of characters such as ‘The collector,’ ‘The Nova Corp’ and the villain of the piece ‘Ronan the Accuser.’ Add to that the really catchy ‘Hooked on a feeling’ soundtrack playing over the top and this trailer has ramped my excitement levels right up, and they were already high for this movie.

So here it is (let me know what you think)

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