Weekly Recommendation: Fables


Once agin the beginning of the week has rolled around, and that means its time for me to recommend something for you all to read- and this week its the gloriously delightful ‘Fables’ from DC. This book is such a great read for many reasons, one of the main reasons is the great job of crafting stories that Bill Whillingham has done with the series from its humble beginnings to its continuing mainstream success.

pinocchioDC decided to pick up this book and immediately got it under their Vertigo banner in the early 2000’s and this easily became one of the staple books of the publishing line due it pushing the envelope of what can be done within comics from a storyline standpoint. The main premise of Fables is that it takes the popular folklore that we all grew up with—like Snow White, Pinocchio, Cinderlla—and brings them into our modern world, where they live in secret in a community called Fabletown in Manhattan’s Upper West Side. The book received some negative press due to the massive changes that it makes to these characters and their legendary stories but that’s the whole reason to read this book, seeing a modern day Pinocchio dealing with government rule and theives is well worth a read.

FABLES_134_i6uvu9en0n_Fables is full of famous characters that im sure you’d be instantly familiar with from your childhood such as the 7dwarves, jack and the beanstalk and the 3little pigs- however none of these characters look anything like you would expect or behave in any way that your familiar with (with the exception of the big bad wolf) Getting to read the amazing stories that blend fantasy and myth with reality and the tyranny of government and mass corporations really gives this book an edge and makes it totally unique on the shelves of the comic book store- and that’s one of the big reasons you should really check out this title.

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