‘Gotham’ Gets a Full Length Trailer

Commissioner Gordon as he appears in The Batman.

Commissioner Gordon as he appears in The Batman. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Batman has been a huge property on screen now for decades- and never more so than after the end of the ‘Nolan’ trilogy that seemed to save the franchise and character after the disappointing and horrendous ‘Batman and Robin,’ so it was no surprise to hear that a Television series was in the works. After I speculated that the show would focus on the ‘Gotham’ police department (seen here) it was official confirmed that it would indeed focus on the police but one in particular James Gordon. And after months of casting news and character sneak peaks and hints at who could and would be appearing in the prequel series (catch-up here, here and here) the first trailer has made it out into the public.

The trailer certainly makes the show a must see, and even mentions the afore mentioned ‘Saga’ that has become one of the greatest superhero collections ever. It also showcases the first official look at the ‘Riddler’ while providing us with a glimpses of just how dark and potentially gritty the series will be- and to be honest for a city as infamous as Gotham if it was any other way I’d be highly disappointed.

Check out the trailer for yourself and let me know what you think. I can’t wait for this now though.

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