Matt Smith Joins TERMINATOR Reboot


The Doctor is in the house.

Well, sort of. Matt Smith has joined the cast of the new Terminator film from Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions. The new film — rumored to be titled Terminator: Genesis — will feature Emelia Clarke as Sarah Connor, and will weave in and out of the storylines from the earlier films, mainly the original Terminator, if speculation has any merit.

Smith will play a new character, someone with strong connections to John Connor, according to the announcement e-mail from Paramount.

The new Terminator movie will be a cross between a sequel and a reboot, featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger reprising his role as the T-800 series Terminator machine featured in the original films. Word comes via ScreenRant, that bodybuilder Aaron Williamson will also be playing a T-800, although it’s not clear if he would be a stand-in for Schwarzenegger with a CG makeover, or if…

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