Weekly Recommendation: Batman the animated series

This weeks recommendation sees my first real venture into the world of animated television shows based upon comic books- so I thought I should start with the cream of the crop and it gets no better than the early to late 90’s animated Batman series. This series has set the bar for every DC animated series to follow- and in my opinion nothing has even come close yet.

This series is easily the greatest single animated show based on a comic book property that has ever been produced- I know this is a huge statement given ‘Spawn: Animated’ and the recent ‘Wolverine and the X-men’ series but I stand by it.

The main reason for this is that the show stays so true to the comic book series that has come before and was still running it was hard to believe and easy to recognise the stories that we’re being told. Now I understand that seeing stories you’ve already read and are familiar with might not sound exciting- but every comic book fan wants there favourite character and story given the big screen treatment, and that’s what Batman fans got here. The series is so adamant that it’s aimed T telling great tales that we don’t get the regular, and too often compulsory, origin tale that everyone is already of but what we do get is a great first episode that fills in anyone who isn’t aware of the Batman, with who and what he is from the perspective of 4kids within Gotham. This start is unique, and highlights exactly what the show is going to do well and that’s provide amazing story telling that is adult accessible, looks wonderful and has the best voice work in animated history.

The artistic stylists of this animated show, did exactly what Batman deserved they kept it low in tone and short on colours, until you get the appearance of the Joker. They animation, including the action scenes, is so crisp and clear and fluid that you really feel the action is taking place at pace and really keeps you excited and engaged. However even the slower moments of the series are fraught with tension and great story telling and character moments.

This is all polished off by some great voice work from Mr Batman himself Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill as the Joker. Even the lesser seen characters of Clayface and The Ventriliquist have such great visuals and voice work there isn’t a single episode you can avoid or afford to miss.

For any comic book fan, this is a total must see.


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