New Trailers: X-Men Days of Future Past and Godzilla

There has been a host of new trailers hitting the web this weekend- and as I was a little lazy and didn’t let anyone know, im going to do it now. The weekend saw new TV spots and trailers for some of the biggest movies of this year such as Godzilla, X-Men Days of Future Past, Amazing Spiderman2  and Expendables 3, so here they all are.

X-men: Days of Future Past

This has all the makings of being the best X-Men movie to date- if they can get the story adaptation right, and so far it looks like they’re doing a great job however until we see the full film who knows for sure. However the trailer gives us a great first look at Sunspot, and a cool Colossus vs Sentinel sneak peek so enjoy your dose of mutants.



Godzilla has been a B-movie monster at best for a couple of decades now despite an attempt to resurrect the beast and make him relevant it’s all failed- however this latest attempt looks like it may well succeed. The first real glimpse of him in action here is great, and the movie appears to be on a huge scale, as it should be. And if Pacific Rim has taught us anything it’s that Kaiju monsters can be cool.


Expendables 3

Ok, heres comes an admission- I actually enjoy watching the Expendables movies not for the quality of storytelling (as its dire) but for the simple fact that there so outrageous they make me laugh! This one looks like its going to be bigger, both in terms of cast and story, but also looks like it will contain as many off the wall moments as the others- just look at the train driving into a wall in trailer, action-comedy gold! If its meant to be of course


Amazing Spiderman 2

While I enjoyed the first movie, im still not convinced the series needed re-imagining/remaking so soon. However the first movie was better than I expected, even if Parker kept removing his mask every 5minutes, so im looking forward to the sequel. This shows some new glimpses at the Rhino- who looks massive and a little too mechanical maybe along with some new glimpses at the goblin. Its shaping up to be a good-looking superhero movie so enjoy the new (and im sure not last) trailer.




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