Comic Book Picks 2April ’14

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Once again Wednesday has rolled around and that makes it the official release day of a new batch of comic books, and the most anticipated day of the week (except maybe Saturday as I don’t work). This week once again sees the release of a host of titles but is lacking in the new number ones. So lets take a look at whats worth your time and cash this week……

Black Science #5

BLSCI5So far this has been one of my favourite new series of 2013, the electic mix of science fiction, action and horror has been superb. Rick Remender has continued his run of amazing writing of creator owned books, and has really amped up the weird to a point where you have no idea what the book will deliver but you know that regardless it will be well written and thoroughly entertaining. Add to that the amazing artwork of Matteo Scalera, who really helps to bring the action to life to with his pencils and moody colours- which fit the feeling of the book amazingly bringing all of the science fiction elements to life and adding a real degree of danger as the colours become more moody and dark. I fully expect the crazy storytelling to continue, and the amazing tale of ‘who sabotaged the machine’ leading to the current predicament to continue and develop.

The official synopsis of the issue is as follows: Grant discovers the truth about the Pillar’s sabotage, tearing his team apart just as they are launched into a dimension of mad gravity and violent monkey ghosts! How do you survive insanity when you can’t trust anyone around you?


Caliban #1

CALIB1This is easily the most exciting looking new number1 of the week, and that’s mainly due to the fact that its written by Garth Ennis and is a brand new science fiction title (that appears to be the theme of the week). Accompanying Ennis on the new title is artist Facundo Percio, who is well know for his pencils and colours on Fashion Beast, and im expecting the same level of work to be on this title wich will give it a distinctive look out there amongst the weekly releases. The series promises to host a group of isolated characters, which is what Ennis writes so damn well, along with the horror of an alien race on space- think Alien written by the mind behind ‘Crossed’ and your bound to get a horror filled goretastic comic book series that delivers on the action and the dialog, making it a must to check out.

The official synopsis for the issue is as follows: The crew of the Caliban travels hyperspace on nothing more than a routine trip for the giant vessel. Just human beings that have been inside a bit too long, confident of no other life in the Galaxy, and all the vastness of space to remind them how far they are from home. But when an impossible accident suddenly causes the Caliban to slam into an abandoned alien ship, a nightmare in space begins to unfold. Ennis delivers his unique brand of flawed characters, spot-on dialog, and trademark flare for the unexpected in a new series in the vein of Alien. This is the beginning of the end for the crew of the Caliban.


Guardians of the Galaxy prelude #1

This is here this week as a recommendation based on the fact that i cant wait to see the movie, and who doesn’t already love ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ anyway? The standalone series has been superb, and the movie is looking like it should be a great summer superhero movie from Marvel, and this book will give us our first real look at the story for each of the characters in the Marvel cinematic universe and that has to be a good thing.

The official synopsis for this issue is as follows: Who is Nebula? What tragic events forged her unbreakable allegiance to her dark lord? Find out here! Plus: Gamora! Korath! And more from the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

As a bonus, and because it relates to pick this week, here’s the latest trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy

Thats it for this week, so enjoy your reading.


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