Comic Book Picks 26March ’14

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It’s Wednesday once more, and that makes it the most anticipated day of the week for many comic book fans as we can all get our hands on the newest releases and have a good few hours reading through books of our favourite characters and most hated villains.  Bt what’s out there this week that’s worth your cash? Well here are my picks for the week


Sandman: Overture #2

SMOT2Sandman Overture has been a long time coming, and after a superbly written and amazingly drawn first issue we heard that issue 2 was facing a long delay- one to which Neil Gaiman held his hands up and admitted was his fault when we all expected the delay to be due to JH Williams art. However after several months of eagerly awaiting the issue finally makes the shelves today, and is without question my pick of the week.

The first issue ended on a huge cliff hanger with ‘Morpheus’ being summoned to a huge meeting where the emphasis was clearly on him and what they are expecting from him. This issue promises to tell us what is wanted and what he must do- and im excited to see what it is. We all know where this story is going to end, but how it gets there is the real question and the real journey that has everyone, myself included is throughly excited to see.

The writing work throughout all of the history of Sandman has been superb- and did change the face of comic books- so i expect the narrative to continue in the same vain as issue1, and really deliver. And you always know with JH Williams that the artwork will be immensely detailed, look lifelike and deliver on the colour scheme like no-one else in the business. The combination of the two collaborating is the real reason this book sits at the top this week- and I would happily buy nothing else if i could read this!

The official synopsis for this issue is as follows: In which Daniel enters Mad Hettie’s dream and Morpheus discovers why he has been summoned and what he has been summoned to do.


Real Heroes #1

RH1This is the new series written and drawn by Bryan Hitch, who isnt straying too far away from drawing superheroes- which lets be honest is what he does best. His artwork is always some of the nicest looking there is out there- and he does body positions and angles of movement better than most, which really helps with his superhero characters.

This is the first book written by Brian Hitch that ill have read, but im excited by the prospect of his book which is described as ‘Avengers meets Galaxy Quest’ and should provide some great action along with a few laughs and excitement along the way.

The official synopsis for the book is as follows: They are the six most famous actors in the world and together they play The Olympians, the biggest superhero movie franchise in history. Would you ask them to save the world? They may be our only hope…


Fatale #21

FAT21Fatale has been a constant on my recommendation list every month- and theres a very good reason for that, its simply one of the best books out there. The writing is brilliant and the artwork is just as good- which means we not only get a great noir supernatural thriller in terms of story but we get a moody dark looking book that matches the tone of the story brilliantly.

The official synopsis for this book is as follows: Part two of the most intense arc of Fatale so far! Nicolas Lash and Josephine finally meet again, as everything we know about Fatale gets flipped on its side… when the hunted becomes the hunter. And don’t forget all the back page extras and articles you can only find in Fatale’s single issues every month!



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