World Book Day

With today being world book day, and many places celebrating this for the week- I felt it was only fair to share with you my top 5books. I’m not going into why on each book (I’m short on time) but I recommending that you try them out if you haven’t before.

  1. American Gods (Neil Gaiman)
  2. The Dark Tower (Stephen King)
  3. Heart Shaped Box (Joe Hill)
  4. Dune (Frank Herbert)
  5. Zoo City (Lauren Beukes)

If you try any of these feel free to give me a shout- or if you have a favourite and want to let me know just leave a comment. Until then lets all try to read a bit more- I know I still haven’t finished ‘Doctor Sleep,’ and desperately need too. So lets just all try and make more time for a good read.


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