Upcoming Comic Shows on TV (Part2)

arrow_suicide_squadSo earlier on this week, I produced a piece around upcoming comic shows based on properties that may have been new to some of the readers and viewers out there- well this time its the turn of the big boys/well known properties. Most of the shows listed here, are from the two big companies (DC & Marvel) and the characters should be recognisable to even the smallest of comic book fans. But that doesnt mean these can be the next big comic book property to hit the small screen- so lets take a look at what we have…..

The Flash

TheFlashStraight out of season2 of ‘Arrow’ comes the Flash, DC have done a great job with Arrow so far and with the build for the ‘Flash’ series. They gave us Barry Allen for a few epsiodes and then delivered on of the best origin sequences in modern television for a spuerhero, showcasing the true damage caused when the lab accident at STAR caused Barry to get hit by lightning. Were yet to see his new powers, but i expect that to be held off until he gets his own series debut.

Most of the Flash will be overseen by Dc veteran Geoff Johns, who is the man responsible for alot of the villains that Flash tangles with so i fully expect this series to remain true to the source material and deliver a great first season. WE could see some of the great Flash stories make there way onto television- but what excites me most is getting to see the power set of the flash on the small screen, I really can’t wait.

Recommended Reading: The Flash by Geoff Johns omnibus


constantineWe all know Constantine has been done before- albeit on the silver screen and with a mixed level of success. The film has its fans (i enjoy the movie, but it does stray from the character) but as an adaptation it really missed the mark with hard core fans. In step NBC who have acquired the rights to the property, and have promised to deliver a faithful series.So what does that mean we should expect?

Well the blonde haired Brit detective of the occult, who does have the powers of a sorcerer tends to investigate the occult and uses his powers as a word class con man to get what he needs more than his occult abilities. But the main draw of Constantine is his completely pessimistic and sarcastic attitude despite him truly being a hero. The ‘Hellblazer’ comic books he has headlined for decades have a whole slew of characters and stories to choose from, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see a few of the Garth Ennis creations make there way onto the show- so expect this to have a dark satirical tone.

Recommended Reading: Hellblazer Volume 5 (Garth Ennis)


3594008-daredevilThis is the best known property here, and also the first of the exclusive Marvel/NETFLIX exclusive shows that will see the small screen. We all know how hated the Daredevil movie was, and that there are numerous reasons for that- but at the same time the property has some real potential to be along running television success. The tale of a boy who gets blinded and develops an extraordinary set of senses that act as radar and allow him to ‘see’ who then grows up to become a world class trained martial artist who pledges himself to improving the area of ‘Hells kitchen’ where he lives is a classic. Add to this the host of villains and heroes who could appear here- we are in New York after all and this has some great potential.

Im fully expecting Kingpin to be the focal point for the series, in terms of villains- and im hopeful that the tone of the series heavily draws from the run that Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev had in the early 2000’s as this was the best time for DAredevil in my opinion. This time did away with the notion of ‘hero’ and looked at Daredevil as an intense force for cleaning up the town by any and all means necessary- mainly against the kingpin or his men, and produced some of the best character I’ve seen.

Recommended Reading: Daredevil Hardcover volume1 (Brian Michael Bendis)

Iron Fist/Luke CAge

525448-lukecage01This is yet another Marvel/NETFLIX production and the second & third of four. This is a real gamble from Marvel as they are now taking much lesser known characters and placing them in their own headline shows, however with the success Marvel have had with their movies over the last 5 years I’m sure they can make it work.

Iron Fist has a huge backstory- where he gets his powers from Mythical energies involving Dragons, Pheonix’s and Chi. But basically he has an insane power level mixed in with his being a premier martial artist and a huge dragon shaped scar along his chest. HE spent most of his time training in K’un Lun city until he gets integrated into modern society with the inevitable struggle to find his place- until he meets Luke Cage.

Luke Cage is a real story of turning your life around- after he was wrongly convicted and sent to prison (he spent his childhood in a rough area of new york) he volunteers for an experiment to shorten his sentence that results in him gaining the powers of unbreakable skin (basically invulnerability) and super strength. From here he starts doing jobs for money- even for Doctor Doom- before he meets Iron Fist.

This is where their stories become intrinsically linked as they start the ‘Heroes for hire’ business ans begin to do good deeds to improve their area. This eventually leads to both parties becoming members of the Avengers amongst other teams.

Recommended Reading: Heroes for Hire Volume 1

Jessica Jones

Alias-JessicaJonesThis is easily the biggest risk to date with any Marvel property that has been adapted- and one of the most surprising. I don’t think anyone saw this coming when Marvel announced four new shows where in the works (here were my guesses) but in essence it makes perfect sense. If your going to do three shows that feature characters from the ‘Defenders’ team then why not do another show that also features one of the lead characters- whether she has powers or chooses not to use them as the case may be.

Jessica Jones was once the super hero called ‘Jewel’ however she retired early and left that life, starting her own private investigation company called ‘Alias.’ She tried to maintain her focus on cases that didn’t involve superpowers, however with knowledge of her previous days as a superhero this was rarely the actual case.

Jessica Jones was one of the Marvel ‘Max’ titles allowing it to have an adult based audience and themes running through it, which meant she really acted like a real adult from cursing to relationships to a case involving mind controlling perverts. If they carry this into the show this could easily be the sleeper hit of the four NETFLIX titles and surprise alot of people.


Well that’s it for now- but with the rate comic books are seeing adaptations I expect this list to get bigger very soon.


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