Weekly Recommendation: Marvel Lego Superheroes



It’s Monday once more, and that not only means that another week has flown by but also that its time for another recommendation to keep you busy for the week. This weeks recommendation is my venture into the world of computer game recommendations, so i thought id start by mixing gaming, comics and films with Marvel Lego Superheroes.

I’m going to get this started by saying that the premise is similar to all the LEGO games that have come before- you take control of a small team of characters (up-to 3) as you move through levels destroying all the LEGO block baddies and surroundings in an attempt to make it to the level boss. However there is so much more depth to the game than that might make it sound.

The game contains one of the largest rosters I’ve ever seen in a LEGO game, and the fact that all of these are superbly animated Marvel Superheroes really gives this game a depth to its game play. The depth starts with working your way through each level (including geek out moments as Deadpool just shows up) and encountering a host of cool looking villains and heroes along the way that all become unlocked after each level is completed. Add to this the fact that each hero has a different ‘power’ that is remarkably similar to their comic book powers- and allows you to interact with the environment in different ways, for example hulk can rip up large objects while Spider-man can use ‘spidersense’ to find hidden objects, and this gives each level a huge replay value as you unlock new characters and go searching for all the hidden  objects and prizes. The roster itself contains everyone you would expect to see from Wolverine, Captain America and Iron man to Hulk yet at the same time contains some rather more obscure characters for a game such as Stan Lee, Captain Britain and even HERBIE. The level of characters really helps make this game a true treat for fans of the original material.



The level design itself is also much bigger than in previous LEGO games, as there are some villain encounters where the screen pulls out and you can see the true scale of the villain (Galactus) and this really helps to add a sense of danger and comic book lure to the levels and boos fights. Each level is fairly linear however, as its a case of move forward, fight a few bad guys and solve a few puzzles which can become monotonous- yet as mentioned before the level of character powers involved in solving these helps keep things fairly fresh. The levels also take place in really famous and popular Marvel locations, which really helps to draw you in at the start as you already recognise the location and who is likely to be lurking inside that you will come across and have to do battle with. The best example of this is when your at Osborne industries and come across……..yep you guessed it the Green Goblin, Venom, Lizard and Electro.

lm05The game does so many things well, from the level design and character design to the huge roster of characters and there in game powers but the best element of the game is the multi-player. More than one player on the same level sharing superheroes is what makes this game such a great play. Teaming up with a friend and playing as the Hulk while the other is Iron Man saving New York has a real kind of charm to it that cant get any better, especially as its in LEGO form. The depth of replay value is also immense, as there are so many unlockables for each level that until you have unlocked a full roster of characters there is no chance of you getting anywhere near completing it.

This game is a must play- but will totally kill your social life- in a good way.


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