Animal A-Z art for kids


I find myself posting and reading more material aimed at children’s education these days (I blame my young children) but only rare bits gets to grace my blog and this one is worthy.

London-based illustrator Marcus Reed developed this clever typography series in which animals look like the 26 letters of the alphabet. Drawing upon the creatures’ natural shapes, colors, and movements, he beautifully blended different features together to form each character. A is for Alligator, J is for Jellyfish, P is for Penguin, and so on, the series is an inventive interpretation of classic typography.

Reed used animals as the foundation for the educational series and, in doing so, he visually communicates information in a memorable way that can be used as a learning technique for children. Each creature is designed with a combination of geometric shapes and gradients of color. Set against a neutral background, the carefully crafted details of each letter provide viewers with playful word associations in minimalist style. Some of the letters are obvious while others require a bit of distance to see the shapes, but ultimately, the message is one of learning through a unique and exciting style.

So here they are- hope you enjoy like I did


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