Marvel TV and Movie news

Marvel-LogoMarvel is completely in charge of the comic book to film conversion success rate right now, but they’re not doing as well as any expected within their first television show ‘Agents of SHIELD.’ However all that looks set to change with some major news starting to surface about the direction of the show. So here’s the latest news on the show and an Ant-Man news story (spoilers)

deathlokAgents of SHIELD is set to introduce a huge character from the comics- in the form Deathlok. For those who don’t know Deathlok is are-animated human infused with cybernetic technology that really knows how to handle weapons and look himself. The bigger spoiler for this is that the recurring character of ‘Mike Peterson’ is said to be the body provided for the transformation into Deathlok.

Its nice to see that there’s a long running storyline featuring Mike- and this one should have a really good pay off.

Also in Agents of SHIELD news its been confirmed that Jamie Alexander, aka Lady Sif we appear in several issues of the show and have a small story arc focused around her and an Asgardian villain- Lorelei. This is good news as Lady Sif has always been a big character in the comics so its nice to see Marvel taking her character and evolving it.

On the Ant-Man front, it appears Marvel is looking to capitalise on the delayed DC project ‘Superman vs Batman’, or every DC character every created in one film it appears, by moving the Ant-Man release to the very scheduled date that DC had occupied of July 17  a full two weeks earlier than originally planned. This is looking like it could be a great launch movie for Marvel’s Phase 3 films too, so I’m excited by this news.

And as a small bonus Marvel  have recently announced a new animated movie ‘Avengers Confidetial: Black Widow and Punisher’ that will be the latest in their line of straight to DVD/Blu-ray animated movies. And the trailer is embedded below.


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