Weekly Recommendation: ‘Joker’

Its the start of the week, which means its time for my recommendation of the week. This week I’m going for possibly my most recently released of any of my recommendations so far- as it first saw the light of day in 2008 under the publication of DC comics as a direct Graphic Novel. ‘Joker’ was written by Brian Azzerello and had the artwork by Lee Bermejo, and was the first real comic based story to take on the tone and the look of Christopher Nolans ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy. But that’s not the only reason to read this book

The story focuses primarily on the ‘Joker’ as the title would suggest, however there’s a unique take on this as the entire story is told from the point of view of one of his henchmen. This take on the book allows for a positively disturbing look at the psyche of the Joker, as every act he carries out is violently and meticulously displayed through the eyes of one of his own  men and you really see the lengths joker will go too to cause the chaos he intends. This is one of the few books, bar Killing Joke, that really digs into the psyche of the ‘Joker’ and manages to truly over an in depth and satisfying look at what makes the villain tick- and for this alone the book is well worth a read.

Talking of the villains the book also has a great take on some of the ‘Batverse’s’ best know villains- such as Riddler, Penguin and Killer Croc. And each of  these characters is displayed so uniquely and brilliantly that as soon as you see them you’ll be shocked at how no-one ever thought to draw and portray them in that way before, as it makes perfect sense for these characters to be ‘how they are.’

No book would be a recommended read if the story wasn’t worth getting invested in, and this book has you hooked from the moment the Joker first appears walking free from Arkham Asylum and takes an instant shine to his henchmen Johnny Frost. The tale then focuses on how Frost views and helps the ‘Joker’ try and take his city back, however as with anything that the ‘Jokers’ involved in its full of twists turns and insanity.

You really owe it to yourself to read this tale, whether your a Batman fan or not you’ll love it.


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